Training & Development

Training & development

At the heart of the Reserve Officer Training Corps program is the development of students, known as cadets, into capable Army leaders through class room instruction and practical field based exercises. The content of the classroom based training is established by the Cadet Command but is taught by the cadre of the Battalion. This delivery exposes cadets to a standardized course with the enhancement of real world application by a knowledgeable cadre.

Further enhancing the cadet’s classroom instruction is the application of theory into practice. This comes in the form of leadership labs and training exercises. These events broaden the scope of understanding while allowing for hands on learning. Events such as the Combat Water Survival Test and biannual field training exercises are not only fun but also instill confidence.

Cadets may also apply for a variety of other training or internship opportunities. These are not guaranteed or necessarily part of the requirements to graduate but provide unique experiences.

Finally, as cadets progress through their academic years they will be assigned leadership positions within the Battalion. These leadership positions replicate duty positions held by Soldiers in the Army. ROTC is a cadet run organization where the cadre serve to advise, mentor and train. Cadet leadership positions are an invaluable learning tool.